Sorry For The Delay!

Hello Again!
I’m SO SORRY that I haven’t posted! I’ve been hospitalized for a while but i’m back now!
I’m amazed at how much comments this website got! Thanks to everyone! Now, on with the news!
First, an AMAZING video has been released that you HAVE to see!

I’m hoping that will work. Sorry if it doesn’t.
©Hisgoldeneyes Owns these :

Again, sorry if that didn’t work.
Would you like to send your self a twiight greeting? press here:
Ned Bellamy is Waylon Forge- Waylon is a victim that James, Victoria and Laurent get at some point in the movie.
Matt Bushel is Phil- Bella’s Step-Dad.
Jose Zungia is Mr. Mollina- A teacher, possibly the biology teacher although no-one is really sure.
Summit Entertainment has FINALLY given Stephenie Meyer the rights to publish a full cast list, so click here and scroll down a bit to see it:

Thanks again, when I got home from the hospital it was a beautiful surprise to see all these comments!
Check back soon!



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