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Myspace blog posted with permission from Stephenie:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
Quick “thank you” from the road
Current Mood: Giddy

Hey guys! I’m in Kansas City, MO tonight, looking forward to my event tomorrow. I wanted to thank everybody who was in Minneapolis last night. It was such a great event! Everyone was so cool and sweet. It went super smooth, and a lot of that is due to you guys for being respectful of the people putting on the event and each other. I know how incredible my fans are, but I am still blown away by you all! Thanks for being the best fans in the world. I’m so excited to see more of you this month.

Oh, and thanks also for all the great feedback on The Host in my comments. It’s always so nerve-racking to release something new, and I really appreciate the encouragement!

Love you!


So in my last post I gave you a link to the TWILIGHT TEASER TRAILER… Well, news has come out that that video is close to being the most viewed video on the web! The most viewed is INDIANA JONES, but we want it to be TWILIGHT!!!! Keep watching that video to help it get all the way to the world record!!!

It seems like there isn’t as much news coming out on the movie, but don’t worry! I’ll keep looking and post as soon as I find anything new!


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