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Some people have been asking me if I know where they can get Breaking Dawn the moment it comes out, and one person even told me that she lives in Maine.
Sorry to break it to you, people but I live in ENGLAND! I’ve no idea where you can go to get the book! All I can tell you is I find the quickest way of getting a book is looking up on the internet which shops near you will have it in stock, OR you can order it off, but then it will get there a few days late. Sorry that I can’t offer you more than that!

New Competition!
Do you have any theories on BREAKING DAWN?
Do you think Bella will be turned?
Will she decide she wants Jacob?
Will the Volturi Intervine?
Click on the COMPETITION page and submit your theory. Sorry, can’t really offer you a prize, but the winner will have their name mentioned on here and their theory will be given a page of it’s own, for people to comment on as they please!

Also, I finished THE HOST a while ago! WOW! Obviously, nothing like Twilight, but it was still fantastic! What did you think? Click on THE HOST page and tell me your views on the new book!

Just ten days to go until Eclipse SPECIAL EDITION is being released! Oooh!


3 Responses to “American? Nah!~~COMPETITION!~~The Host”

  1. Becky Says:

    Do you have any theories on BREAKING DAWN?
    I think that Bella and Edward won’t get married in that book or get married at the end. Bella won’t become a vampire; Reason I think so?: Suspence. The writer Stephenie Meyer is, she’ll have the part you’re waiting for to be put off until later.

    Do you think Bella will be turned?
    Either at the end or in the next book (There WILL be a next book… There better be!).

    Will she decide she wants Jacob?
    No. She’ll think about it, get confused emotions, all of that, then decide she wants Edward.

    Will the Volturi Intervine?
    Of course. I’m hoping Jacob and Bella will have to save Edward! That’d be a great story.

    I know this is probably impossible, but it’d be sweet if Rosalie turned on the other Cullens and made Emmet go into a depression. Rosalie joins the Volturi and CAPTURES Emmett. Then he’ll be forced to be a slave to them until Bella and Edward go and save them both the day before their wedding. Then when the get there Edward gets taken! Bella calls Jacob and his pack and him with Bella’s help save the Cullens :D! Then Bella gets married.

    Yeah, highly unlikely. I just have a lot of time on my hands to fantasize stories…

  2. Benji Moonlight Says:

    in Breaking Dawn, it’s supposed to Twilight, except that it’s edward’s perspective. I’ve already read the first chapter, and it descibes Bella’s first days at the high school, in edward’s POV

  3. Raizelle Says:

    i really am hoping something goes wrong like i was wondering could alice maybe turn on the cullens and go find maria and kill her for what she did to Jasper or if bella gets turned then the danili clan comes after her in a leak i heard the preface has bella explaining that shes about to die but its by someone she loves so i’m thinking maybe she was changed then went back to forks and jacob and his clan mainly jacob are about to exterminate her as you know for the book eclipse bella realized she loved jacob and me personally don’t think edward would kill her but thats just my opinion oh yeah i’m 13 and madly in love with edward but if bellas a vampire now its a ok she can keep him i’d rather keep my life (tear) (tear)

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